Hey! My name is Phil and welcome to Funnel Scene. I've created this website to provide you a platform that is affordable, as well as the resources to help you have the best possible chance to have success within your business.

A bit about me:

I'm just your average guy living a not so average life. Since 2014 I decided to start working online so I was able to travel to different countries around the world while making enough money to fuel that lifestyle. But it wasn't always as easy as it sounds...

After 10 years working as a Carpenter in New Zealand, I realised that this wasn't what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to travel the world, experience different cultures and see some of the wonders of the world. But the reality of my current situation was that I was working 50+ hours per week, did nothing during the week, drunk my worries away in the weekend and then start all over again on Monday. This was not the life I thought I was going to live.

Then one day after yet another work injury and being denied compensation, I decided enough was enough. At that very moment, I decided to find something that could get me towards my travel and lifestyle goals, and that's when I turned to our trusty friend, Google.

Of course, after searching for things like "Make Money Online", I was faced with many scams. Luckily I found something that looked like it fit the exact criteria I was looking for. And that was Affiliate Marketing!

It was a huge learning curve for me, but I worked on my business every moment I had spare during the day, and sure enough, after a month of implementing what I learned, I started seeing success.

After a few solid months of building my business, I had replaced my entire income as a Carpenter! So I quit my job, packed my bags and began my journey travelling and working online.

6 years later, I had travelled to 50+ countries, 100+ cities and visited a lot of my bucket list items. The travel has slowed down a bit due to Covid, but now I'm focusing on building an even bigger passive income and looking at helping others achieve the same goals.

If this story resonates with you, then take action on your goals and desires. It will be hard in the beginning, but once you get up and moving, it'll pay itself off time and time again.

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